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Hello! My name is Rae Donnelly and I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Cape Town and later studied jewelry making and garment construction.

South African Film and Television Awards
Rae Donnelly is one of the most unique creative forces in the fashion and entertainment industries. As a multi-dimensional visual artist, she brings her exemplary vision to film, fashion, theater, opera, music, and media.
Rae recently designed costumes for the REVELATION ROAD TV Series.
Rae Donnelly is known for Doomsday (2008), The International (2009) and Blood Diamond (2006).
I began working in theatre and then film straight after I completed my studies. I’ve dressed a wide range of characters and crowds over the past 20 years, from ancient civilizations to everyday contemporary; sci-fi and fantasy; mascots to couture.

During my career, I have worked in theatre, film, TV commercials, music videos, mini-series, reality shows, stills styling, editorials, festivals, and more recently 3D films for VR headsets for immersive technology art installations.

Positive attributes I bring to a project include deliberate use of colour and texture; excellent knowledge of fabrics and textiles; clear understanding of the ageing and dyeing processes involved in creating believable characters.

I’m enthusiastic about and enjoy my work. I am reliable, and honest, hard-working, yet quite easy-going and kind. I work well under pressure and keep calm when unexpected challenges occur.

I serve as a judge for the annual South African Film and Television Awards held and mentor previously disadvantaged youth interested in a career in film.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Hollywood stars and directors over the years and am equally at ease working with A-listers as I am with lesser-known actors.

I have worked in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, and all-over South Africa. Due to this, I have built a strong network of suppliers and rental companies, both locally and internationally.

I’m familiar with international shipping of costumes, fabrics and hired costumes, customs requirements, ATA carnets, and rental return regulations.

My computer skills are good, and I have personally tracked the costume department’s expenditures on numerous projects. I can handle small to very large budgets, both for costumes and the costume crew.

My awards include two SAFTA Golden Horn Awards for Best Costume Designer for a Feature Film for 2012, and again for 2016.

In between costume designing work for film, I design pet products for my little dog apparel range called ‘Poochie’. I also enjoy hiking, current affairs, listening to podcasts and love all kinds of animals.

I am available to work anywhere the work takes me. If you require my services, I will be giving your project my very best!

Thank you for your time.

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